TCTA of Sussex & Warren Counties

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June 20, 2014



This meeting, held at Mama’s Restaurant & Café Baci, 260 Mountain Ave, Hackettstown, NJ, was called to order at 1:06 pm by President Dana Mooney. 




            President Dana Mooney – present

            1st Vice-President Danette Dyer – present

            2nd Vice-President Linda Roth - present

            Secretary Toni Grisaffi - present

            Treasurer Gail Magura – present

            Chaplain Jessica Caruso - present


Minutes from April 11, 2014 meeting were distributed to all members for approval. Motion was made by Jean McKenna, seconded by Linda Roth.  All in favor.

The Treasurer’s report was available for this meeting.  A motion to approve the Treasurer’s report was made by Shawna Janoch, seconded by Dawn Babcok.  All in favor.





            Thank you letter from Chatham Emergency Squad for our donation was read by Dana Mooney.


            Introduction of present Associate Business Members was made by Danette Dyer.  In attendance were Pat Munson with Vital Computer, Kathy Schaffer with Municipal Software and Darren Lowe with MGL.


            Joan Donat gave a report on the last State Association meeting.    Upcoming conferences:  NE Regional Conference in Bushkill, PA 09/08/14 – 09/10/14.  The Saul Witties Conference will be on 10/02/14 in Holmdel, NJ.  The Arts Center Building will be closing.  Pension funding for State employees and teachers is not adequate due to the State of New Jersey’s lack of contributions.  Local PERS & PFRS are fine because municipalities must make their annual contribution.  The 2012 Homestead Rebate will be out in 2015.  There is a bill pending which would allow for electronic receipts for tax collection. 


            Please note new website address:


            Congratulations to Regina Thomas of Hopatcong.  She will be retiring in October 2014.


            Rooms for the League of Municipalities will be available at the Tropicana for $95/night.  Please submit ideas for classes to Rachel Edinger.  Consulting tables will be set up on Tuesday afternoon of the conference.  They will cover a range of topics.  Suggestions for topics for the TCTA table should be sent to Keith Bonchi and Vincent Belluscio.


            A request was made for more speakers that would provide Ethics/Enforcement credits as well as Budget credits for CFO.  Available classes are listed on the Professional Certification Page on the DLGS Website.


            A suggestion was made to consider hosting a Scholarship Breakfast.  CEU’s and breakfast would be offered and the funds would be donated to the TCTA Scholarship Fund rather than the donation coming from our treasury.




            Dan Kaminski from the Division of Local Government Services covered various topics affecting Tax Collectors and Finance Officers, including tenure, certification and CEU’s.





Regina Thomas motioned to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Shawna Janoch.