TCTA of Sussex & Warren Counties

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February 21, 2014



This meeting, held at Mama’s Restaurant & Café Baci, Mountain Ave, Hackettstown, NJ, was called to order at 1:00 pm by President Dana Mooney. 




            President Dana Mooney – present

            1st Vice-President Danette Dyer - present

            2nd Vice-President Linda Roth - present

            Secretary Toni Grisaffi - present

            Treasurer Gail Magura – absent

            Chaplain Jessica Caruso - present


Minutes from December 13, 2013 meeting were distributed to all members for approval. Motion was made by Terry Beshada, seconded by Terry Vervaet.  All in favor.

The Treasurer’s report  was available for this meeting.  A motion to approve the Treasurer’s report was made by Karen Lance, seconded by Marie Goble.  All in favor.





            Please note the Annual Spring Conference will be held over two days this year and will be held all in one room.  Dana Mooney asked for class suggestions.  Additionally, we will not have a booth at this year’s conference.  Money saving storage options are being explored. 


            The Deadline for Criterion notices is 03/03/14.  Request for upcoming retirements was made by Dana Mooney.


            Please send any get well or condolence information to Jessica Caruso.  She will send out cards on behalf of our group.


            Thank you letter from NORWESCAP for our gift card donation was read aloud by Dana Mooney. 


            A request for names of local businesses to send a letter about our Association Business Memberships was made by Dana Mooney.


            Keith Bonchi has requested simple tax collection questions be directed to Senior Tax Collectors and/or Pat Turin before asking him.


            The TCTA Scholarship Fund has a balance of $750.00, the lowest it has ever been.  A motion to donate $250.00 was made by Dawn Gallant, seconded by Marie Kenia.  All in favor.


            Leah Korver asked if anyone was having issues with a delay in license renewal by mail.  No other issues were reported.


            Mention was made of the Tax Lien OPRA Request and how the towns are handling it.  Copies of the Tax Sale Certificates will suffice if the Collector is unable to produce the requested documents.  Municipal Software has also developed a program to help complete this request







            Warren County Clerk, Pat Kolb, was in attendance to speak about the interaction between the Tax Collectors/Finance Officers and the County Clerk.





Jean McKenna motioned to adjourn the meeting at 2:22 pm, seconded by Patti Noll.