TCTA of Sussex & Warren Counties

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OCTOBER 24, 2012

This meeting, held at Hampton Diner, Route 206, Newton, NJ, was called to order at 9:05 am by President
Rachel Edinger.
Roll call: President Rachel Edinger – present


Vice-President Dana Mooney -present


Vice-President Danette Dyer -present
Secretary Jean McKenna -present
Treasurer Gail Magura – present
Chaplain Jessica Caruso -present

Minutes from June 22, 2012 meeting were distributed by e-mail to all members for approval.
Motion to adopt minutes was made by Gail Magura and seconded by Danette Dyer. All in favor.

The Treasurer’s report was available for this meeting. Motion to accept Treasurer’s report was
made by Danette Dyer and seconded by Betty Drake. All in favor.


Mary Testori – Legislation Update: Mary Testori, President of the TCTA of New Jersey gave an
update on bills currently pending. An overview of bills under scrutiny by the Association is available from
the secretary.

John Mooney – Internal Controls & Year-End Accounting Prep. A very informative presentation was
made by John Mooney of the firm of Nisivoccia & Company regarding internal controls that may be
implemented in our offices, together with a discussion of what the municipal auditor may be looking for at
year’s end.

Daryn Cashin gave the regional report, including topics regarding membership dues, the Special
Convention to be held in Cherry Hill for the 75th anniversary and the listing of dates for the State meetings
in 2013.

A motion to approve the meeting dates for 2013 was made by Linda Roth, seconded by Dawn
Babcock and are as follows:

Friday, February 22 Sussex County 1:00 pm
Friday, April 19 Warren County 1:00 pm
Friday, June 21 Sussex County 1:00 pm
Wednesday, October 16 Warren County 9:00 am (Reorganization meeting)
Friday, December 5 Sussex County 1:00 pm (Christmas party)

The Committee in charge of the Christmas party this year are Gail Magura, Linda Roth and Dana


A motion to adjourn was made by Dana Mooney, seconded by Gail Magura. Motion passed.