TCTA of Sussex & Warren Counties

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DATE:                   Friday, February 24, 2017


TIME:                   1:00 PM – 4:00 PM Luncheon; Meeting follows immediately


PLACE:                 St. Moritz

                                9 White Deer Plaza

                                Sparta, NJ 07871



MENU:                 Luncheon, Soft Drinks, Dessert, Coffee and Tea



COST:                    $25 per member for luncheon and CEUs

                                $30 per non-member for luncheon and CEUs


SPEAKER(S):     Pat Turin, DLGS, Tax Collector Specialist

                                Angela M. Saylor, CCNA, Technology Expert


TOPIC:                  Deductions – Senior, Veteran, Homestead Rebate

                                Technology Information – Computer Viruses, Maintenance, Upgrades

                                The following CEU’s were sent for approval to the State:

CTC 1-Reporting/Billing/Collection; CTC 1- Information Technology

CFO/CMFO 1 Office Management; CFO/CMFO 1 Information Technology



RSVP:                    Dianne O’Connor, CTC Sparta Township

                                Email: [email protected]

                                Phone: 973-729-4903

                                RSVP by February 17, 2017


MAIL                     Theresa Schlosser, CTC

PAYMENT           The Borough of Franklin

TO:                         46 Main Street, Franklin NJ  07416

                                973-827-9280 ext 117

                                [email protected]


I do solemnly declare and certify under the penalties of the law that the written bill is correct in all its particulars; that the articles have been furnished or services rendered as stated herein; that no bonus have been received by any person or persons within the knowledge of this claimant in connection with the above claim; that the amount charged is a reasonable one.


                                                                                                Dianne O’Connor


                                                                                                Dianne O’Connor, CTC                                                                                        

                                                                                                2nd Vice President, SWTC