TCTA of Sussex & Warren Counties

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FEBRUARY 22, 2013



This meeting, held at The Boathouse Restaurant, 1040 County Rd 521, Newton, NJ was called to order at 1:00 pm by President Rachel Edinger. 

Roll call:     President Rachel Edinger – present

                 1st Vice-President Dana Mooney - present

                 2nd Vice-President Danette Dyer - absent

                 Secretary Jean McKenna - present

                  Treasurer Gail Magura – present

                  Chaplain Jessica Caruso - present



Minutes from December 4, 2012 meeting were distributed by email to all members for approval. Motion to approve minutes was made by Gail Magura, seconded by Dana Mooney.  All in favor.

The Treasurer’s report, together with the year end report, were also distributed by email to all members prior to the meeting.  A motion to approve both reports was made by Dana Mooney, seconded by Jessica Caruso.  All in favor.




            A Nominating Committee to submit names for next year’s slate of officers was determined:  Past president Daryn Cashin, Linda Roth (Sussex) and Dawn Gallant (Warren).



 A discussion was held as to the location of our meeting; i.e., municipal building or restaurant.  In order to have better control of costs and be more consistent, approval was given to hold our meetings in one restaurant in Sussex County and one restaurant in Warren County for a one-year period.          


            Marie Kenia, CFO from Bryam Township, was introduced as were Associate Members who were present.  A thank-you note from Terry Vervaet was passed around to all members.  The Wounded Warrior project was given a donation of $750.


            Please note that Washington Borough is seeking the services of a Certified Tax Collector.  This is a part-time position.


            Joan Donat gave a report regarding the last State Association meeting and Josephine Prisco encouraged all members to attend the Spring Conference being held in May.  See the website for more information.



            A most informative presentation was given by Richard Stein, Michael Garofalo and Angelo Bolcato regarding bankruptcies, foreclosures and tax appeals.  If anyone needs copies of the handout, please contact the secretary.



At   3:00    pm, a motion to adjourn was made by Kay Stasyhan, seconded by Jessica Caruso.  Motion passed.