TCTA of Sussex & Warren Counties

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APRIL 19, 2013



This meeting, held at Mama’s Restaurant, Mountain Avenue, Hackettstown, NJ was called to order at 1:04 PM by President Dana Mooney.


                Roll call: President Dana Mooney – Present

                                                1st Vice-President Danette Dyer – Present

                                                2nd Vice-President – vacant

                                                Secretary Jean McKenna – Present

                                                Treasurer Gail Magura – Present

                                                Chaplain, Jessica Carusso – Present


Before this meeting, the Executive Board met to discuss the resignation of President Rachel Edinger.  It was with great reluctance that Rachel Edinger’s resignation was accepted.  It was voted by all members of the Executive Board that Dana Mooney would step in as President, Danette Dyer would become 1st Vice-President and that the second Vice-President position would be left open until the reorganization meeting in October.


                Minutes from February 22, 2013 meeting were distributed by e-mail to all members for approval.  Motion was made by Gail Magura, seconded by Regina Thomas.  All in favor.



                Dana Mooney suggested that our by-laws be posted on the website, as well as other pertinent information.  Also, QBE First will now submit payments electronically.



                Joan Donat encouraged members to attend the Spring Conference.  Registrations are being handled online and accommodations are limited.



                Dawn Gallant spoke for the nominating committee and nominated Linda Roth for the open position of second Vice-President from Sussex County.  All other officers would remain for 2014.  Installation of officers will be held at the October reorganization meeting.



                Pat Turin,  NJ Tax Specialist, spoke regarding estimated tax bills and Homestead Benefits program.  The Homestead Benefit should be received in time to be included on the August billing.  Pat went over the process of estimated billing and provided a very informative handout.  If anyone is interested in receiving a copy of the handout, please contact the secretary.


                Pat also discussed the new format for PD-65.10, a draft copy of which was provided to members.  It will now be necessary to list the deductions that have been prorated or disallowed on a separate form and included with submission to the County Board of Taxation by June 5th of each year.



                At 2:20PM, a motion was made by Gail Magura, seconded by Dawn Gallant.  Motion passed.